Monthly Archives: June 2014

CITSEE Updates

The CITSEE team is pleased to announce the publication of a new working paper in its Working Paper Series on citizenship regimes in post-Yugoslav states.

Citizenship as lived experience: belonging and documentality after the breakup of Yugoslavia by Jelena Vasiljevic focuses on personal narratives that reveal lived experiences of the triangular relationship between citizenship, identity and (national) belonging in the post-Yugoslav space. Its aim is to shed some light on a less examined perspective of citizenship transformations, and to complement the currently existing literature on citizenship regimes in the post-Yugoslav states with a bottom-up approach that treats citizenship in its identity-forming and recognition-bearing social role. This is the last short study that CITSEE will publish and offers a new dimension to our work, by drawing on the lives of individuals affected by successive disintegrations after Yugoslavia.

Our web magazine Citizenship in Southeast Europe also features a new photo-reportage on The rise and fall of a women’s factory: the Sana textile factory in Bosanski Novi/Novi Grad by Chiara Bonfiglioli. It depicts the rise and fall of the Sana textile factory, located in Bosanski Novi, at the crossroads of the rivers Una and Sana, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, at the border with Croatia.

Finally, the set of eight short documentary films, each focusing on a specific citizenship-related theme from South East Europe, shown at CITSEE’s 5th birthday on 31st of March 2014 and available on our web magazine, as well as our Vimeo and YouTube channel, continue to attract the attention of the wider audience. So far, they have been viewed and downloaded more than 5,000 times.

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