New EUDO e-Book on Inclusive Democracy in Europe published

The European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in the European University Institute, has published a new eBook containing the contributions from the 2011 EUDO Dissemination Conference on Inclusive Democracy in Europe, and the EUDO Citizenship Online Forum Debate on National Voting Rights for EU Citizens Residing in Other Member States.


This publication explores the history and nature of migrant political participation in Europe and considers policy options for remedying the democratic deficit in light of the political realities of modern Europe. Academics, policy-makers, and representatives of civil society provide a comprehensive discussion of inclusive democracy in the European Union, considering principles of democracy, conceptions of national and EU citizenship, and the political and institutional practicalities of national and European policy change in particular to offer more voting rights to EU citizens resident in other Member States.

Prof Jo Shaw from the ‘The Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia’ (CITSEE) project has been an active participant in these debates. She contributed a short contribution on ‘Testing the Bonds of Solidarity in Europe’s Common Citizenship Area’ as a chapter in this e-Book.

To download the book, click here.

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