Monthly Archives: November 2011

New publications in Bosnia volume from CITSEE staff

On 14 November, Igor Stiks attended the presentation and launch of a special issue of the journal Transitions entitled From Peace to Shared Political Identities: Exploring Pathways in Contemporary Bosnia.

The special issue resulted from two workshops on Bosnia in Geneva and Brussels attended by Jo Shaw, Igor Stiks and CITSEE Associate Researcher Eldar Sarajlic. While the special issue places the Bosnian case in its wider European and regional context, including an article on the enlargement process and an article on citizenship issues from Jo Shaw, the main focus is on the internal political construction of identities and practices, looking at the extent to which Bosnia is moving on from, or still constrained by, the Dayton agreement and its associated constitutional settlement. In that context, a paper by Igor Stiks on Being Citizen the Bosnian Way’: Transformations of Citizenship and Political Identities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and by Eldar Sarajlic on The Convenient Consociation: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethnopolitics and the EU are important contributions to thinking about relationships between citizens, citizenship and constitutionalism in Bosnia.