Monthly Archives: January 2010

CITSEE working papers launched

To coincide with the second plenary conference of our sister project EUDO-Citizenship being held in Edinburgh on 21-22 January 2010, CITSEE has launched the first of its working papers.

CITSEE working papers present the early results of our collective research on the citizenship regimes of the new states of South Eastern Europe.

Working Paper 2010/01 by Jo Shaw and Igor Štiks presents the basic framework of the CITSEE project (the Europeanisation of Citizenship in the Successor States of the Former Yugoslavia). It covers the basic objectives, approach and methodology of the study, which develops an approach to studying citizenship through so-called ‘constitutional ethnography’. The paper explains some basic terminological definitions used in the project, and reviews the key areas where CITSEE is expected to contributed to intellectual debate and theoretical understandings.

Early in February we will publish papers outlining the citizenship regimes of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.